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Fire Security
Lara Fire and Security offers a complete solution for Fire Detection. The main focus of your fire protection strategy should be to prevent fire, but should a fire accidentally break out early automatic fire detection is essential.  Every second saved through early warning facilities could make the difference to a premises ability to recover from a fire without too much disturbance.  Fire Detection systems provide the earliest possible warning of a developing emergency situation, which in turn, can facilitate safe and swift evacuation of people from your premises.  Lara can design, supply, install and commission fire safety systems, and service and maintain any fire alarm system.

Control Panels
The control panels are the brainpower of the fire detection and alarm system, performing a number of critical functions, such as monitoring of all detection devices, controlling sounders and signaling and providing power and battery backup to system.

Detectors and Ancillary Devices
There are many types of detection technologies for sensing and detecting the presence of smoke, heat or other early indications that a fire has started.  Lara will help you assess the risk and choose a detection method most suitable for your premises.

Sounders and Signaling
Lara’s Fire sounders and signaling devices communicate the current condition of the alarm on-site.  In the event of alarm activation, it alerts people to an emergency situation, enabling the safe and swift evacuation of the premises.

Lara’s Engineers are trained to service a wide range of systems regardless of the manufacturer or original installer, so even if you have a mixed environment of fire alarms across your property estate, you only need one maintenance company.

Service and Maintenance

Lara Fire and Security specialise in the Servicing and Maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems, Emergency Lights, CCTV and Intruder Alarm Systems.  We offer a selection of Maintenance Contracts to all clients from Domestic Premises to Management Companies and Hotels throughout Ireland.

Taking out a Maintenance Contract is a cost effective way of managing your Maintenance and Lara’s contracts offer you peace of mind that your Security and Fire equipment will work when it is needed most.  Why not contact us for more information and/or a free quotation.

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