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Intruder alarms
Home and Business Security is vital in today's society. Intruder Alarm systems are proven to deter theft and burglaries. Studies show burglars are less likely to commit crimes when confronted with an Intruder Alarm System, particularly home or business security systems that are monitored. With an Intruder Alarm System, your home or business is two to three times less likely to be broken into than a home or business without one.

Lara work with the latest technology in Intruder Alarms both wired and wireless systems. These systems have advanced movement detectors and they substantially increase protection against false alarms to ensure that you maintain Gardai response. We also work with an extensive range of door, window and shutter contacts, and alternative detectors including vibration, sound and break-glass sensors for a system that will provide complete protection for your home or business.
Lara’s Intruder Alarm Security Systems offer an advanced level of protection at a competitive cost.  We also offer maintenance service contracts as well as providing excellent customer service and monitoring rates.

For Extra Security we also provide Light Control and Personal Panic Buttons.

Light Control - Our Light Control Systems automatically switch lights on when someone approaches a protected area.  This is a useful deterrent for unwanted visitors.  Units are weatherproof with long and short range sensors.

Panic Buttons - Personal attack systems including panic buttons generate a rapid response in the event of a personal attack, even in large buildings. Receivers are individually identified allowing fast location of the incident.

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